Established 1771

A lodge of the "Travelling Mallet"

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Things you should know about Freemasonry

Freemasonry is one of the oldest and largest organizations in the world. With its numerous charitably works, high moral values and knowledge orientation, it would be a pity if you miss on the one-of-a-kind environment in which you can develop your abilities. Spend your life surrounded by the most interesting personalities or talents and learn more about yourself. Bring your family and friends to the Lodge 126 and contribute to your society in a wonderful manner.

Most people are drawn to the Freemason belief because they are not judged by the color, nationality, background, political view or religion. It is about the inner qualities of the individuals who believe in God and not the external characteristics. The organization teaches its members the importance of moral and spiritual values which are based on kindness, integrity, honesty and justice. Everyone who joins the Brotherhood will be taught about the love and generosity towards their families and all humans.

Tolerance is an important element in this society. Let the teachings of Freemasonry guide your life and respect the opinions of others. They encourage you to think for yourself, gather self-knowledge through different rituals or ceremonies and offer help to those who are in need. Do not use your free time only on trivial things like Live Sex Cams and get involved in various charities across the world.

A common misconception about the Freemasonry is that the fraternity is a secret society whose rules, principles and activities are hidden from the public eye. Every person can visit the Lodge anytime and ask the members about what the organization does. The only things that are relatively behind closed doors are the precise details of the rituals just as any other company has some information that it is kept private. All people will be treated as equals.

As Masonry is not a religion, it does not force upon its members a series of laws or a religious doctrine. They must believe in a Supreme Being and value the experiences, but they are not told what to think or which religion to choose. If you are a person who enjoys the company of like-minded individuals, be part of the Brotherhood and meet your new friends. Make sure you embark on a lovely adventure and learn more about the world.

Many Masons play an active role in their community on a daily basis and volunteer in hospitals, non-profit organizations, churches and more. They do not seek financial goods or any other advantages and are driven only by the desire to serve the people. Because harmony leads the meetings at the Lodge, there are no discussions on the political or religious subjects. As life is more beautiful when peace is present on every level, take joy in the simplest treasures in life.

Freemasonry is a great fraternity for everyone who craves a better society and humans. Due to the stressful life everyone leads, it is rather common that individuals forget about some ethical principles of human existence. You can pick a new lifestyle that will help you make a difference to the future generations. Support the good actions and donate to disaster fund reliefs. Embrace the ideas of Freemasonry and take pleasure in all the moments you share with your new partners!